Dark Premises

From Pompano Beach, FL, Dark Premises is quickly making a notch in the local music scene with ambitions to share their multicultural tones and lyrics. Their ideology breaks the monotony of the repetitive, generic music that pollutes the current scene. A fusion of heavy tones and electrifying riffs with resonating beats that rattle your core and compel you to get up and thrash.

Dark Premises was formed by former “Secret’s Out” drummer Carlos De Luca. De Luca has toured, composed, and contributed to a number of local bands and has opened for national act band “Iced Earth.” De Luca has made a name for himself in the process and being a veteran of the local metal scene, decided it was time to find like-minded musicians to create distinct and diverse heavy music. 

De Luca quickly recruited well known local singer Carlos Guerreros (Ultimate Demise, Black Sun Alchemy) who offers an eclectic range of styles and pitch - shortly followed by recruitment of bassist, Jesse Iglesias (Ultimate Demise, Oblivious Signal). After Dark Premises’ first rehearsal with guitarist Tommy Cro [Paul Williams] (Volt Negative), it was evident that the chemistry the four share would be vital for the creation of their unique, heavy driven music. Dark Premises' ultimately aspirers to resuscitate the metal scene, one track at a time.